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Advanced Joinery Workshop

"I left Alpine absolutely confident I could do anything with a shaper. Anything.”
-Mackenzie Strawn, Stayton Wood Windows

Our Advanced Joinery workshop is designed for beginner to intermediate woodworkers looking to upgrade their skills and become proficient in operating a shaper machine. Whether you're a hobbyist who wants to master the basics for projects at your home shop or a professional interested in brushing up with a masterclass, this workshop offers instruction and techniques that will benefit operators of any skill level. With a versatile instructor and small class sizes designed to maximize individual participation and learning, your particular interests and questions can be addressed and worked into the course. Above all, this workshop emphasizes safety and proper technique, and all of our customers learn to operate the machine properly and professionally.

This workshop's topics include machine and tooling setup, spindle alignment, fence positioning and feeding techniques for a shaper machine. Our motto is “It starts with knowledge…”, and our goal is for attendees to leave knowing how to maximize the machine and tooling capabilities of their equipment, and operate a shaper machine safely and with confidence.

For more information on this workshop, we encourage you to contact us with your questions. We'd love to hear about your next project and help you find out if this class is right for you!

Our next Advanced Joinery sessions will be held from:

March 10 ‐ 13, 2021 (Wed ‐ Sat)

May 26 ‐ 29, 2021 (Wed ‐ Sat)

September 15 ‐ 18, 2021 (Wed ‐ Sat)

Tentative Overflow Workshop: October 20 ‐ 23, 2021 (Wed ‐ Sat)

Visit our Workshop Checklist for travel and other workshop information.

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"It starts with knowledge…”

Shaper Operations Instruction "It starts with knowledge...": Learn the skills and techniques necessary to complete your next project safely, on time, and on budget.

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