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At Alpine, we teach woodworkers from across the world how to build beautiful, high-performing windows and doors. Our original Euro Window & Door class is an in-depth, hands-on session which covers the skills and knowledge needed to build European-style Tilt & Turn windows and Lift & Slide doors. When not running Alpine sessions, instructor Joe Calhoon is a master joiner with over 30 years of experience crafting these styles. This workshop will get you comfortable and experienced with all aspects of building windows and doors, from machining and joinery to sourcing components, finishing and glazing, and understanding how to implement these processes at your shop.

This workshop's topics include but are not limited to: stock making (lamination), making and layout of parts, finishing, storm-proofing, milling and joining frame parts, milling sash balances, installation of hardware, gaskets, threshold and glass. As with any Alpine workshop, the limited session sizes allow for the workshop topics to be custom adjusted to fit the group's needs and interests.

Our next Lift & Slide Door session will be held from:

June 11 ‐ 14, 2020 (Thu ‐ Sun)

Our next Euro Window and Door sessions will be held from:

September 10 ‐ 13 (Thu ‐ Sun)

Our next Hung Window and Casement Window sessions will be held from:

No scheduled 2020 dates - contact us to request a workshop.

Visit our Workshop Checklist for travel and other workshop information.

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"It starts with knowledge…”

Euro Window Tenoning Experience the Difference: Learn to craft the highest level of European acoustic and thermal performance. "It starts with knowledge..."

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