Alpine Technical Workshops helps completing first Passive Window Certification in US

July 8, 2013

Paso Robles, CA – In February 2013, Casagrande Woodworks, Soukup America and Rangate began a journey together at the Alpine Technical Workshops to develop a Passive House Institute (PHI) certifiable window with our industry partners. The goal is to design a window that meets measurable and highly regarded thermal performance standards while fitting the North American aesthetical demand. Today, with all the efforts of our partners, we are very excited to make an exciting joint announcement that Casagrande Woodworks has obtained the first Passive House certified window in the United States for its window called Synergist! And currently this is the ONLY Passive House certified timber only, out-swing casement window in the world!

Passive House window Synergist by Casagrande Woodworks Casagrande Woodworks Synergist Passive House Certificate
What is even more satisfying is that with our collaboration with Casagrande Woodworks, Soukup America, Zuani, Rangate and Passive House Institute, the Synergist window carries a thermal transmittance of 0.79 W/(m2K) within ONE WEEK! This is an equivalent to an imperial thermal resistance of R-7.1. This window is certified for cool temperature climate; with an alternate glazing, this can also be used in warm climate where requires less stringent thermal performance.

"High-quality, energy-efficient building components are a decisive factor for the success of the Passive House concept", says Dr. Benjamin Krick, head of component certification at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. The fact that window manufacturers now offer appropriate products in the USA is a promising development. Wolfgang Feist, director of the Passive House Institute, also commended the pioneering spirit. "It's a small step for a company – but a big leap for global sustainability", he tweeted on Tuesday (9 July 2013).

~International Passive House Association (iPHA) Press Release, 12 July 2013

This window does not only appear on paper as a concept. Synergist will be ready for production by late July! The previous months of planning has included tooling and machinery design that enables Casagrande Woodworks to jump from certification to execution in a short amount of time. This complete tooling system allows this Synergist window to be produced by traditional equipment and with growth, later, by a CNC window production machining center without the need of dramatic increase in additional tooling.

A brief history of Synergist:
Nov 2012: Bronwyn Barry and the American Passive House Network (APHN) hosted the Passive House Window Component Certification Workshop. Alpine and Casagrande Woodworks both attended this workshop while Alpine and Rangate were sponsors of this workshop. Benjamin Krick, Chairman of Component Certification at Passive House Institute was one of the workshop presenters.
Feb 2013: Soukup America and Casagrande Woodwork began working on the high performance window design for the North American marketplace.
Mar – May 2013: Through internal simulation and design changes, Rangate and Zuani contributed to the feasibility of production to the design.
May 2013: Alpine/Rangate met with Benjamin Krick in Darmstadt to further discuss component certification possibility in North America.
Jun 2013: Over a one-week period working with Passive House Institute, Casagrande Woodworks achieves the thermal transmittance requirement for cool temperature climate.
Sep 2013: Casagrande Woodworks will showcase the Synergist window at the Passive House North 2013 Conference, where Dr. Wolfgang Feist will present this first US window certificate to Casagrande Woodworks.

Passive House Institute PHI Window Certification Workshop

Both Casagrande Woodworks and Alpine Technical Workshops are invited to exhibit at the Passive House North 2013 Conference in Vancouver, Canada in September. This is a conference for both the US and Canada marketplace, and there will be a special presentation for this newly certified window.

We are very proud of this project in carrying our mission to provide knowledge and space for people to develop and produce high performance wooden windows and doors in North America. It’s been more than a pleasure to collaborate with Casagrande Woodworks, Soukup, Zuani, Rangate and Passive House Institute.

A toast to Synergist!

Check out the official press release here: Synergist - First Passive House Institute Certified Window in United States
A copy of the Synergist PHI-Certification can be viewed here: Synergist PHI Certification

Please contact Casagrande Woodworks at jeff@casagrandewoodworks.com or craig@casagrandewoodworks.com, 805-226-2040, for additional information.

To learn more about the Passive House Standards and see Passive House locations around the world, please go to the Passive House Institute website.