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Alpine Technical Workshops LLC

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Engineered Tooling & Equipment for Solid Wood Joinery


We've had over 100 woodworkers take our Alpine workshops, and each time we host a session, we leave with new friends, and richer knowledge. Take a look at what some of our Alpiners have to say about their experiences at the workshop.

"...wanted to thank everyone again for putting on a fantastic workshop. Wow, wish I had taken this class a while ago so I could get the most out of my shaper!"

∼ T.S., FL

April 2019, Advanced Joinery Workshop

"Alpine Technical Workshop provides a singular experience for anyone wanting to establish, develop, or refine a modern window business. Not only will you understand the manufacturing aspects in considerable detail, but you will learn how to apply a business model that will accelerate the process. No other educational experience, that I have had compares to this. And I'm 63!"

∼ Hastings Read, Oakleigh Custom Woodworks, Mobile, AB

April 2014, Double Hung & Casement Window Workshop

"The workshop was put together both from a logistic and technical point of view incredibly well ! Both Joe and Greg were very helpful. Joe is very good at treating you as a fellow professional - an equal in the trade, which is important for learning. I appreciate their time and effort, it went very smoothly!"

∼ Peter Gagliardi, Bancroft Custom Woodworks, Williamstown, MA

June 2013, Shaper Workshop

"I left the Shaper Operations workshop absolutely confident I could do anything with a shaper. Anything."

∼ Mackenzie Strawn, Stayton Wood Windows, Portland, OR

June 2013, Shaper Workshop

"This was by far one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Joe's knowledge and calm demeanor provide a model for all to aspire to."

∼ Patrick Molzahn, Cabinetmaking & Millwork Program Director, Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI

February 2013, Euro Window & Door Workshop

"Joe/Greg: Thanks for a great few days. When I arrived I thought, "How are we going to fill 3 days with shaper learning?", but when we wrapped up yesterday, I felt it was just right. I learned a lot ‐ as much from the syllabus as from the areas we explored beyond it. It was really great to experience this in a working shop ‐ especially one in such a beautiful place. Joe is a great teacher, and we all appreciated your willingness to adapt the class to some of our specific interests. I made some new friends on this trip, which made the experience all the better. Thanks for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing you both again at a future class."

∼ Kerry Smith, Owner, K. Smith Custom Woodworking, Bridgeport, CT

March 2013, Shaper Workshop

"Due to my excellent experience with the Alpine Workshop, I was able to build a custom Lift and Slide door with screen that appeared in the September 2012 issue of Architectural Record Magazine, on page 118. Successfully designing and building this door would not have been possible for a small one man shop like mine without the Alpine Workshop, Joe Calhoon and Greg Godbout… I recommend it to anyone!"

∼ Joe Doherty, Joe Doherty Woodworking, New Orleans, LA

January 2009 & September 2012, Euro Window & Door Workshop

"Joe's ability to work with wood to create amazing projects is inspiring. His ability to handle the instruction of so many different people is awesome. The opportunity to work with world class equipment and be coached by such a humble but so knowledgeable man made this a time to remember forever. When you add the spectacular scenery as well as the warm hospitality and support of Greg, you have a winning combination!"

∼ Gary Vander Ploeg, Thornhill, ON

February 2016, Shaper Workshop