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Alpine Technical Workshops LLC

Knowledge and Community


Engineered Tooling & Equipment for Solid Wood Joinery


In order for the woodworking production industry to grow properly and responsibly, Alpine Technical Workshops supports, sponsors and exhibits at various conferences and gatherings whether they are formal and spontaneous. Not only does this community include the wood product manufactures, sub-component and machinery suppliers, but it also consists of architects, builders, consumers, educational programs, testing and certification standard bodies and lawmakers.

Alpine focuses on knowledge. Obtaining and sharing the facts and standards is an important step before applying them to a new business segment or product.

Alpine has, in the past year, focusing on both educational and certification front. A few of the conferences and events that Alpine has supported and exhibited are (in order of dates):

The Passive House North 2013 Conference is going on right now (Sep 27 ‐ 28, 2013). Please join us for a pre‐conference cocktail party hosted by Alpine and Casagrande Woodworks to celebrate the very first North American'made Passive House Institute certified window called Synergist as well as appreciate the hard work of the conference board for this event.