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Workshops Checklist

Thank you for considering or signing up for the workshop. Below you'll find the typical process for planning your stay in Ouray, along with what to expect from your time here. Please contact us and let us know if you have any questions.

  1. Workshop Dates

    Once registered with a required deposit, you will be sent a workshop confirmation via email. If no email is available, we can fax or mail it to you.

    Our Advanced Shaper workshops and Euro Window and Door workshops are both 4 days- usually Thursday to Sunday.

    You can expect to arrive one day before the workshop begins, and depart one day after the workshop. Usually, the workshop ends at about 4 to 5 pm on Sunday afternoon, depending on the attendees' needs, so there is an option to depart after 5 PM on Sunday without interrupting your workshop experience.

  2. Flights

    Montrose Airport (MTJ) is about 50 minutes away from the workshop / hotel. Before you finalize and book a flight, you may want to put your itinerary on hold and contact us by email or (888) 925-7999. We then can advise you whether we will be able to provide you ground transportation among all the folks arriving. Depending on everyone's schedule, we should have no problem arranging a pickup at MTJ airport one day prior to the workshop.

    On the way out, if you are flying out of MTJ, we likely will be able to drop you off on the Monday after the workshop. Again, it would be best if you find a flight that fits your schedule, put it on hold, and contact us before booking it.

  3. Ground Transportation

    If you are flying into Montrose Airport (MTJ) for just the workshop, there should be no need for you to rent a car.

    We are able to do pick-ups from MTJ to the hotel the day before the first day of the workshop, and we will be able to drop you off back at MTJ the morning after the last day of the workshop. During the class days, the workshop is a 10‐minute drive from the hotel. We will be able to drive everyone to/from the hotel. Lunch is usually riding together into a nearby town (Ridgway). Dinner is usually by the hotel. And they are walking‐distance (within a mile) from the hotel with a slight hill. It's a short walk or car ride after getting freshened up after a day's workshop.

  4. Lodging

    The Box Canyon Lodge is where Alpine gets a good rate and where most folks stay. It's simple, quiet and clean, and it's is operate by nice group of people.

    Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs | 45 Third Avenue, PO Box 439, Ouray, Colorado 81427

    (800) 327-5080 | (970) 325-4981| (970) 325-0223 Fax

    Hotel has complimentary WiFi. You may also want to bring short trunks in case you want to go into the outdoor hot springs tubs.

    We will reserve all the rooms for you, so there is no need for you to call them directly. We will reserve it for you for the ONE EVENING BEFORE the day of your workshop and checking out MONDAY, the day after the workshop.

    We will confirm the reservation and group discounted rate (usually $70 to $120 per night depending on the season). This is paid directly to the hotel by you. Please check in and check out with your own credit card under your own name. Once your flights / departure date are confirmed, we will know if you need a hotel room on the Sunday night.

  5. Meals

    All meals are usually gathered by the whole group. Breakfast will be on the way from the hotel to the workshop; Joe joins the lunches and occasional dinners.

    Typical Schedule:

    Meet at 7:00 AM in the hotel lobby. Go to breakfast, leave by 7:45 AM, head to workshop by 8 AM.

    Lunch is around noon or 1 pm, depends on everyone.

    Workshop ends about 5 to 6 pm, depending on everyone's need.

    Dinner is at 7 in town by the hotel.

    Meal cost is not included in the workshop fee.

  6. Workshop Forum

    You are invited to join our Alpine Forum. It's an on-going forum for any Alpine attendees and supporting vendor partners. It's not a sales forum (just like it's not a sale workshop). We focus on the technical and resource sharing.

  7. Workshop Material

    You will be receiving an electronic copy of the binder about a few days before the workshop. We will also give you a photocopy of the same binder on the first day of the workshop. This includes material that our instructor will cover in the workshop and additional links and resources that may come in handy for your future operations. Some folks like to bring their tablet devices such as iPad to take notes or pull up any catalog questions.

  8. Workshop Environment

    The workshop takes place in a live workshop in a scenic country'side type environment. It's a relaxing yet productive environment with limited amount of students so that everyone gets to learn, ask questions and share experiences. We are also around to support any logistical need while the instructor goes through the workshop. Your workshop dress attire should be causal yet protective, such as long pants, sturdy shoes, tied up long hair to prevent you from cuts and accidents that may occur in a wood shop. Goggles, gloves and earplugs are provided in the workshop, or you may bring your own preferred safety wear. You may participate in running some of the machines and in the assembling process.

  9. Special Needs

    If you have any special need, such as physical access, please let us know, and we can see how we can accommodate you.

  10. Payments

    A $500 deposit is required to reserve a workshop spot. This is refundable up to 60 days prior to the originally sign-up workshop. Within the 60 day period of the workshop, you may reschedule for future workshop if required and deposit will not be returned. The remaining workshop fee is due two (2) weeks prior to the first day of workshop. The form of payment accepted is Visa or MasterCard, and online pay-by-cheque. Should the workshop be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified immediately and any workshop fee will be refunded if rescheduling is not possible. We haven't had to cancel any workshop in the past and we are flexible to work with you on your schedule.