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Why Wood Windows?

We're proud of the role Alpine has played in the growth and improved quality in the North American solid-wood window market. Together, we've come from a small niche in the market to a steadily growing alternative to vinyl and metal. But what's driven this growth? Why are we such firm believers in wood windows, anyway?

Superior Performance
Well-built, well-installed wood windows have some serious advantages.

  • Their insulating properties ensure interior temperature comfort, without drafts or cold spots;
  • Wood windows do a better job protecting against mold and moisture damage;
  • Less thermal transfer results in significant energy savings from reduced climate control.

Compared to vinyl and metal, wood is an insulating, not conductive. While other materials transfer the external temperature to the interior of the building, wood resists the movement of heat. Wood windows mean a cooler interior temperature when it's hot, and a warmer one when it's cold. Since most of the thermal energy lost or gained in an enclosure is transferred through the windows, high-performing wood windows can save money and create a more comfortable interior.

Built to Last
Wood's benefits only improve when taking the long view.

  • Wood windows stand the test of time - when made with skill and care, wood windows will last as long as the structure they're installed in.
  • When comparing the environmental impact of wood to any other material over the entire working life of a window, wood reveals itself as the most responsible choice. Studies have confirmed a wood window can absorb more CO2 over its lifespan than was used to produce it. No other material even comes close to its sustainable efficiency and lifetime cost savings.
  • This advantage only gets wider when looking at the energy costs of extracting, processing, and decommissioning the materials to build a window. Responsibly-sourced and harvested wood is part of a natural ecological cycle, unlike vinyl or metal windows.

Naturally Beautiful
There's a reason objects crafted from wood are often considered heirlooms.

  • The beauty of wood is timeless, and as varied as the applications it can be used for- each species, and even each individual piece has a unique, living character.
  • It's versatile too- it can be painted or stained to match any design requirement. Modern finishing techniques can use water-based, non-toxic finishes that aren't hazardous to the producer or damaging to the planet.
  • When a wood window is designed to work with aluminum cladding, you can even get the best of both worlds: The superior performance of wood, with a sleek metal veneer for even the most modern spaces.

Beautiful, natural wood