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The Case for Wood Windows

What is High Performance?

At Alpine, our mission isn't just improved quantity of North American-made wood windows and doors; what we want to improve most is the quality. Performance is the hallmark of a well-designed, well-built window. But what are we talking about when we use this term?

The first quality of a high performance window is an exceptional Heat Transmission Coefficient. This measures how well the window resists exterior temperature from changing the indoor climate- making for a room that's warmer in winter, and cooler in summer. When placed and installed right, high-performance windows can create some serious energy savings, resulting in a building that's less expensive to maintain and more environmentally friendly.

Performance can also be measured in Hygiene. When condensation can enter the interior space, mold and other unhealthy growths do, too. High-performance windows are designed to prevent water infiltration and ensure a healthier interior space.

High Performance Window

Why High Performance?

It's our goal to improve the quality of every wood window made in North America. High-performance includes a whole range of performance targets, from legal standard compliance, to Passive House certification.

  • No matter what your goal is, improvement is not only possible- it pays off. Year after year, performance standards for windows and doors are becoming more demanding, and smart producers are staying ahead of the curve. Today's high performance window could be tomorrow's minimum requirement.
  • The performance potential of a wood window is one of the most powerful advantages it has over any other material in the market. Maximizing that potential is a powerful selling advantage.
  • If you're a producer, certifying your window for a performance standard, like EnergyStar, NFRC, or Passive House can open up new markets of architects and builders looking for locally-produced performance fenestration in your marketplace.

Our Alpine alumni are building windows that meet even the highest standards of performance and design. Coming to Alpine is about how to build windows that can achieve any performance level your shop has as its goal.

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