Alpine Technical Workshops©, focusing on European tilt and turn windows, lift and slide doors productions - solid-wood woodworking
Visit Alpine Technical Workshops© at IWF at Booth #5458...

alongside with the Martin® from 8/25 - 8/28 (Wed - Sat)  

Alpine Technical Workshops©
We are pleased to announce that Alpine Technical Workshops© has been invited to exhibit at the 2010 IWF Show in Atlanta with Martin Woodworking Machines® in August.

The Alpine Technical Workshops© focuses on Tilt-and-Turn Window and Lift-and-Slide Door production systems, which have been already standardized, yet easily customizable, in Europe for many years.

Come see Joe Calhoon, our workshop instructor, and he will show you how a few cutting tools will allow you to produce these window systems in your existing shops. Gasketing and hardware applications will also be discussed. The North American marketplace is ready for this greener and fast-growing segment of our solid-wood industry!

The Alpine Technical Workshops© is proud to build a stronger community of woodworkers and suppliers through education and networking.

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