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Alpine Technical Workshops LLC

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Engineered Tooling & Equipment for Solid Wood Joinery

The Story of Alpine

What is Alpine?

Alpine Workshop has been North America's comprehensive, attendee‐focused solid wood joinery class since 2010. Hands‐on workshops are available for woodworkers of all skill and experience levels, from enthusiasts looking to build up intermediate skills, to professional woodworkers wanting to gain new knowledge for their productions. Each 4‐day workshop (including Advanced Joinery, and Window & Door) is catered to a small group of attendees. Taking place in a 40+ year full‐time woodshop in Ouray, Colorado, the environment often leaves attendees feeling accomplished in both the workshop agenda and the relationships initiated in the workshops.

Workshops focus on a solid-wood project, start to finish- everything from preparing stock to wood processing, gluing and clamping, and finishing. After taking a workshop, attendees can expect to return home with the joinery skills needed to set up and run tools and machines, source everything needed to complete a new product reliably, and achieve their own projects with confidence.

In 2019, the Alpine North series debuts in Vancouver, BC Canada. Each 2‐day weekend workshop focuses on various practical and discussion topics for the solid‐wood industry. It’s designed to have shorter agenda topics and more focused so that attendees can fit the learning and networking into their weekend schedule. The beautiful Great Vancouver metro area offers many urban and nature activities throughout the year to be enjoyed before or after the weekend.

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