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The Story of Alpine

What is Alpine?

Alpine is North America's only comprehensive, attendee-focused solid wood joinery class. Our classes are available for woodworkers of all skill and experience levels. Whether you are an enthusiast looking to build up intermediate skills, or a professional woodworker looking to add a new product line with a master class, it's the best place to achieve your learning goals. Workshops take place over a weekend, which attendees get hands-on training in one of two workshop topics; Shaper Operations or Euro Window & Door production.

Classes focus on a solid-wood project, start to finish- everything from preparing stock to wood processing, gluing and clamping, and finishing. After taking a workshop, attendees can expect to return home with the joinery skills needed to set up and run tools and machines, source everything needed to complete a new product reliably, and achieve their own projects with confidence.

We've found hosting workshops is a little like working with wood: each is unique, and a true craftsman works with the grain instead of trying to force a standardized shape on it. Each person coming to a class has their own unique goals for being at the workshop. While we have a curriculum for each class, much of the discussion is shaped by the questions our Alpiners bring to the shop.

We limit our class sizes to a maximum of 6 attendees per class, because we've found this is the best size to encourage discussion and knowledge sharing, and make sure each attendee's questions and individual reasons for coming are taken care of.

Alpine started as a class, but it's become a community. We have Alpiners across North America and beyond. Many have remained friends with their classmates, and even come back for another workshop, as well as connecting with the larger Alpine community through the Alpine Forum and events like our Alpine Barbecue.

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