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The Story of Alpine

Where does Alpine happen?

Our workshops are hosted at a working window and door production shop in Ouray, Colorado. It's a little off the beaten path, but we've found our Alpiners love the spectacular scenery and crisp air of the Rockies once they arrive. Being in Ouray gives workshop attendees the chance to leave the distractions of everyday life behind and get the most out of a weekend totally focused on learning and education.

The workshops are held our instructor Joe Calhoon’s shop, Cascade Woodwork, which is a working solid wood window and door production shop when not hosting Alpine. We generally handle transportation to and from the nearest airport in Montrose, CO and around town; there’s no need to rent a vehicle when attending a workshop.

Ouray, Colorado

When Are the Workshops?

We generally hold sessions 3 times a year, in the Winter, Spring, and Fall. Attendees usually fly in a day before the workshops begin (getting in on Wednesday), and generally leave on Monday morning, after the workshop wraps up late Sunday afternoon.

Days at Alpine are full, with the class generally going for breakfast together, getting into the workshop at 9:00, spending a full day including lunch at the shop, and concluding at 5:00. Afterwards, the attendees generally enjoy having dinner together along with Alpine facilitator Greg, when there’s plenty of time to ask questions and talk about what came up in the shop that day.

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Alpine in winter